Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am now launching my first two apps, Origami and Origami Kids!  They both contain directions to make a number of origami figures.  Origami has quite a few figures, 28 right now.  They are aimed at someone with a bit of origami experience (although I think anyone can figure them out with a bit of patience).  Origami Kids is aimed at younger kids (or beginners) and has simpler figures and some fun "toys."  Right now it only has 7 figures, but I'm working on some more. 

This is the first bit of coding that I've done and the first app I've made, so I'm sure it isn't perfect.  I've tested it and gone through it plenty of times, but you know how there is always something you've missed.  So please let me know if something isn't working or doesn't makes sense or whatever.  Also let me know if there is a specific figure you want to see.  I plan on adding plenty more and want to add what you all are looking for.

Thanks for trying it!

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